Acupressure Treatment for Animals:

Acupressure is an ancient touch and energy therapy based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, helps to maintain a balanced flow of Chi throughout the body. You will see amazing results from the treatment as our four legged friends are very sensitive to the power of energy.

My clients are mostly dogs; dealing with musculoskeletal issues, emotional issues and Shen (spirit) issues.  I work with them with my wholehearted healing and loving intention to contribute years of health, well-being and happiness.

Benefit include:

• Building the immune system

• Relieving muscle spasms

• Releasing emotional blockages

• Strengthening muscles, tendons, joints and bones

• Replenishing physical and emotional energy

• Releasing endorphins necessary to increase energy or relieve pain

• Balancing energy to optimize the body’s natural ability to heal

• Releasing natural cortisone to reduce swelling and inflammation

• Enhancing mental clarity and calm required for focus in training and performance

• Resolving injuries more readily by increasing the blood supply and removing toxins


Mobile service: Treatments are done at where your sweet friend is most comfortable

$40~ (traveling cost may apply)

*Want to learn more about Animal Acupressure? Go to:

Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute